hari ziyad on voting, & beautiful quiet times between rainstorms

i’ve pondered writing many a blogpost connected to the outrage, injustice, and circus tricks around this country’s 2016 presidential election, but honestly my hot takes are better in person. i’ll share the best thing i’ve read in relationship to the moralizing around voting in said election. be sure to read “not voting is not a privilege” by hari ziyad via black youth project:

The fact is: Black, poor, queer and Indigenous people have made the strongest arguments for divesting from this two party political system, and always have. Many of us who do not occupy the margins of the margins of these spaces—especially, I have noticed, middle class Black people and white women—blame “privilege” just so we don’t have to reckon with our own privileged proximity to whiteness by engaging with them.

It is a privilege to pressure those for whom violence will rain down unimpeded, regardless of who occupies the mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, to do something that may benefit you but won’t do anything for them.

It is a privilege to disregard those whom both parties have no problem bombing, locking away, and dehumanizing; those in Haiti and Honduras and Palestine; the poorest of the poor, the Blackest of Black, and the margins of the margins, just so you can defend the scraps thrown to you in screeds written on thousand dollar laptops at jobs that allow you to keep from worrying if you might die tomorrow because of policies Democrats have upheld.

It is a privilege to erase the history of Black thinkers like Assata Shakur, James Baldwin, and W.E.B.  Du Bois, who have questioned the validity of voting for the liberal party for numerous well-thought out reasons, just so you can continue the lie that their thoughts are wrapped up in whiteness.

It is a privilege to call not voting a “privilege” while 5.58 million people and counting are disenfranchised because of a racist criminal justice system, and neither party intends to do anything about it.

While the masses having little impact on this country’s governance is obviously something the “privilege” of whiteness desires, divesting from the political system is not.

important thoughts to consider, in my opinion.

and now, i’ll share some photos of my walk around the land on the farm this evening. it rained hard off and on through the day, making everything around me seem super nourished, peaceful, and gorgeous. (click to enlarge)

til next time,

xo freddie


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