top 5 songs of the moment

i haven’t had the time to write like i’ve wanted to but i have been listening to a few amazing songs on repeat as we pack thousands of peaches from harvest into boxes for the farmers market. behold my current top five:

ultralight beam – kanye west

sitting through kanye west’s underwhelming crooning is worth it to hear chance the rapper, kelly price, the dream, kirk franklin, and a gospel choir absolutely steal the show. this song’s momentum shifts and builds with grace and excitement.

get bummed out – sports

there’s not a lot to analyze, it’s just a deeply enjoyable self-indulgent pop-punk song that makes me want to holler along and dive into angst. highly recommend covering it if you play an instrument: A F#m Bm D

temple – parson james

somewhere along our roadtrip, eli and i found ourselves at a party with our sweet friend J, a bunch of rad queer and trans folks, and a LHWB (long-haired white boy). the party format involved sitting around the living room and playing a song that was meaningful to us. shortly after LHWB played sufjan stevens, (“the best artist of our generation”) J busted out this soulful song of redemption and reclamation of self after loss and failure. it’s full of joy, and damn, this kid can sing!

horseshoe crab – slothrust

i went through a phase of listening to slothrust’s album “of course you do” on repeat and wondering why they haven’t blown up in a bigger way. frontperson leah wellbaum has a powerful voice and perfectly unsettling lyrics. last year i sent her a message on facebook asking for a recording of “horseshoe crab” having heard it live and immediately afterward got in a bike accident where i split my face open on the pavement. finally, i became rock n’ roll enough to REALLY listen to slothrust.

freedom – beyonce ft kendrick lamar

it seems so obvious to include a beyonce song but i guess that’s because she’s the queen. people can fret about her politics all they want but i think it’s pretty rad for a black woman and the world’s #1 pop celebrity to sing “imma riot through your borders, call me bulletproof.” and of course kendrick’s contributions are chills-inducing and inspiring.



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