waiting for o’henrys

we have hit peak peach. the cooler is full and the trees just keep fruiting. red gold nectarines, tasty king cucumbers, and heirloom tomatoes are in full swing, accompanied by smaller harvests of apples, grapes, beans, and peppers. only in the past week or so have i stopped consuming a minimum peach a day — i’m taking a minor hiatus until the much anticipated o’henry peach kicks in to finish off the season strong.

here are some of the ways we’ve processed and consumed peaches over the past couple months:

  • crisps, sometimes with berries
  • grilled, sometimes with cream, whipped cream, or ice cream
  • dehydrated, sometimes drizzled in chocolate
  • popsicles, with cream
  • smoothies, frozen or unfrozen
  • jam, sometimes with apples or berries
  • kombucha, with ginger and vanilla
  • parfait, with coconut cream and lemon verbena
  • salsa, with tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and lime

needless to say, the abundance keeps us creative!

we’ve also had a steady stream of friends and guests, with whom we’ve hustled to harvest, pack peaches, and process food, in time to jump in the swimming hole (which is also our irrigation source) and come home to collaborate on fresh and amazing dinners.

freaky peaches galore…

the relationship i have to labor here is so new for me. most work i’ve done for money has been compartmentalized to simply an economic necessity. i go to work, do what i need to do to get paid, and then take whatever time and energy i have to make the most of the rest of my life. not only are my life and work deeply intertwined here at the farm, but i feel invested in and fulfilled by working hard, learning a lot, finding ways to take more ownership over work projects and skills, and contributing to the overall success of what’s happening here. it’s a privilege to work with and for people i share mutual respect with, and to be in community with them. i know i can’t divorce from capitalism entirely (yet — i’ll keep dreaming). that said, this is a refreshing situation and it’s invigorating to be able to feel more present and invested in work. it helps that the nature of this work literally feeds me and others, and that i’m not sitting in front of a computer taking orders from a boss who doesn’t give a shit about me. and it helps to be moving my body and getting stronger every day!

the one thing i really miss while being here is the ocean. eli shares this yearning, and this weekend we are fortunate enough to be headed back to the north bay to spend time with eli’s folks and chill our bones in that salty, magical seawater on the coast. i may be freezing in the bay as i’ve been existing in 90-105° F heat, but i’ll welcome the refreshment!

stay peachy,

xo freddie


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