freaky peaches vol. 1

quick photo shoot break at me and eli’s “guerilla fruit stand”

i’ve begun farm work and am enjoying getting my hands dirty (and sticky) with peaches, berries, veggies, apples, and more. peach season has just begun, but with 40+ varieties of peaches to make the next few months flavorful, things are getting juicy around here. btw — i’d like to make the promise that i will avoid cliches and wordplay around peaches and other fruity matters, but honestly i’m not willing to give that up.

eli has led the peach processing/preserving efforts, and we’ve worked together to make peach/olallieberry jam, dehydrated peach chips (intended to be fruit leather, but turned out to be a rather crunchy delight), and frozen peaches (for future smoothies and baking).

the past week’s wildlife highlights include:

  • gobbling at the wild turkeys who wander around here (i hear they gobble back, but i personally haven’t had luck with this yet)
  • freeing a very frightened tree frog who we discovered perched and sliding down the inside of our kitchen window
  • bioluminescence in the form of a glow-worm!
  • a large gray fox creeping and darting around the meadow by our house, possibly eyeing the very oblivious miss mary bloomers (the one veteran farm cat/mouser we have around here)

no snake sightings yet (rattlesnake or otherwise), though i can’t say i’m disappointed…

it’s been relatively mild weather since we’ve been here, although today has changed its tune as the temperature climbs to the high 90s, and it’s supposed to be 100°+ starting tomorrow. but you know it’s time to end a blog post when you start talking about the weather, right?

to finish off this post, i’d like to introduce what i hope will be a regular series: freaky peaches!


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