peach life begins

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after a couple weeks of power-resting in the north bay post road trip, and a week in charlottesville, virginia to celebrate eli’s sister’s wedding, eli and i have made it to the fruit farm and are in serious nesting mode before we start work next week. it is a lot of work to be unpacking and settling in, but also sweet and rewarding. i am finally carving out a physical space to be home after so much time in unstable or otherwise temporary housing, and being so on the go.

it’s much hotter than i’m used to here, though it’s only gotten up to 92° since we’ve arrived and it sometimes gets ten degrees hotter. i have a healthy fear of dehydration ever since getting heat stroke at cheer camp my senior year of high school (better believe it), so in anticipation, i’ve acquired a camelbak and am now that guy walking around with a sporty rubber nipple dangling over my shoulder.

so far, i’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences in town. i tend to project queerphobia onto people in non-queer spaces  — for legitimate reason, having experienced lots of it in my life. my queer bubble has served me well in my adult life, helping me to discover and express myself, and feel at home in my own body. but, moving out here was a conscious choice to move out of the queer bubble, and i am working at not projecting assumptions of any kind onto people who do not have the same identities, experiences, and understandings that i do. i’m sure my interpersonal experiences out here will not be 100% peachy, but so far the people i’ve interacted with have been personable and welcoming.

oh, and the peaches. peaches were already my favorite, and i didn’t know they could get better. they are the kind to drip sticky juice down your chin and fill your mouth with waves of sweetness. i can’t write that with a straight face without also thinking about all the possibilities for fruity erotica… but i digress. i am eager to share the delicious and juicy homegrown fruit here with friends who can make the trip to visit!

more to come…

xo freddie


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