the past year and a half has been one of transformation. i might mark its beginning as when i first quit drinking in december of 2014. the transformation that followed sometimes took the introverted form of hibernation and healing. more recently, my journey of transformation took me on an exciting three month long roadtrip around the US with my partner, eliana. now, it feels like all this change and intention i’ve put into my life is culminating into my upcoming move: i am in the process of leaving my relatively urban life in the bay area to becoming a bright eyed and bushy tailed fruit farmer in the sierra foothills of northern california.

i am very, very excited for endless summer peaches.

i can’t remember a time in my life when i’ve been as excited as i am now. i am anticipating many challenges — the relative isolation of living rurally, and the grit of manual labor as compared to office-y/computer-y jobs i’ve had through most of my adult life, among others. but these are challenges i look forward to taking on. they feel like part of my natural progression over the past year and a half or so, and i feel so grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to be doing this with my amazing partner and with our friends who recently acquired this farm.

while on the aforementioned roadtrip, eli and i kept a blog called catwings on the road. it was fun and however many people did or didn’t follow along, it was a nice excuse to write, reflect, and share. i look forward to soon becoming scarce on social media, and using this instead to share photos, stories, and reflections of mine — along with a land line and snail mail to keep up with my scattered loved ones. so… cheers to that. here’s my new blog and i hope it’s not a total flop.

xo freddie


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